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🔮 #8 CryptoDash: Governance, ML Metamodels, Valuations 👉 [CLICK TO READ]

Hello there crypto folks, it has been a while and because of that, I am sending even more newsy stuff

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July 9 · Issue #1 · View online
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Hello there crypto folks,
it has been a while and because of that, I am sending even more newsy stuff and resources. I have also recently changed providers switching from Mailchimp to Revue which is much more lightweight and will help me save some time (thus slight change of format again). 
Lots of exciting news pointing at bulls despite the bear market and very low liquidity! I am still super excited about the whole industry although 80% of people I have talked to in the past year just disappeared. This is completely normal and natural filtering when you are in the market for the wrong reasons instead of having a long-term perspective on the technology itself. It is time to focus on go-to-market, network expansion, creating utility / SoV / network effect for the projects that make sense and let 99% of the useless junk and scam to die in a limbo of unknown and forgotten sea. 

🗞 News & Resources
Polychain Becomes First $1 Billion Crypto Fund
Tokenized Shares, Equity & Debt
IBM Signs $740 Million Deal With Australian Gov’t
Bittrex and Partnership
A16Z Pours $300 Million into Crypto Fund
Blockchain Firm R3 Is Running Out of Money
Cryptos on the Verge of Crossing the Tipping Point
📖 Long read
Inside the Crypto World's Biggest Scandal
🤔 Opinions
Blockchain-based Machine Learning Marketplaces
How I Evaluate Crypto Projects
Relative Cryptoasset Valuation
Zcash & the founder incentive trilemma
Decentralized Blockchain Governance
What’s Wrong with Cryptoasset Valuation Models
A Token Network Acquisition Blueprint
🎧 Podcasts & Interviews
Why Bitcoin Will Be the Winning Cryptocurrency
Chris Dixon on How Trust Is the Best Lego Block
📺 An Overview of Governance in Blockchains
An Overview Of Governance In Blockchains - YouTube
🛠 Tools & Communities
A List of Cryptocurrency Custody Solutions A List of Cryptocurrency Custody Solutions
🐦 #CryptoTwitter
Nathaniel Whittemore
1/ M&A in token economies is fascinating and under-discussed. Any other space with massive capitalization followed by a bear market would see significant consolidation. No so in crypto. Thread below curates some of the best thinking about what’s going on.
4:11 AM - 6 Jul 2018
🔮 Digital Asset Spotlight
A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Consensus Algorithms A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Consensus Algorithms
💼 Jobs
No specific jobs this month available in my network, however, I encourage to check CryptoJobsList where there are plenty of opportunities to either find the right role or reach out to great candidates!
Few examples:
- Bitmex is looking for Head of Data Science in San Francisco
- Circle is looking for Partner Engineer, Crypto Assets in NYC/Boston
💱 Random stuff
As this issue was a bit valuation heavy, I am including an NVT ratio calculator for various cryptocurrencies made by CoinMetrics. You can play with it here.
🙌 Special thanks
Special thanks to you, who made it to this paragraph. Feel free to drop me a word in case you want to post a job, feature or contribute with content.
Oh, by the way, I wouldn’t mind if you gave my digest some love through Twitter or Facebook :-)
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